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What-ho! [Nov. 26th, 2009|11:18 am]
Stephen Fry Book Discussion.


What-ho to you all!

I'm new in this community and I'd like, if that pleases you, to discuss with some of you "The Stars' Tennis Balls". I really enjoy listening to it and I have a few topics that I'd love to hear your opinion about them (and of course anything you would like to add).


¿Have any of you read the Count of Monte Cristo? ¿How different is that one from this? (I thinks Stephen makes it much more dynamic)¿Which one you like the most?

¿Don't you think (and maybe I'm pushing this too hard) that the character of Ned Maddstone not only is like Edmond Dantés, but to Hugh? (Humble, shy, polite, loves sailing...)

Well, thanks for your time!