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The Frybrary.

Stephen Fry Book Discussion.
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Welcome, fans of Mr. Fry's books (and all other ladies and gentlemen who have stumbled across this place).

This is the spot for discussing books by Stephen Fry, and all the other things he writes really. We welcome reviews, questions, fan fiction, fan art, recommendations and general squeeing. We only ask that spoilers, large images and fan fiction (which should also be rated) are placed behind a lj-cut.

So feel free to make yourself comfortable and start some discussion! Or you might like to know that there are two monthly challenges. QuoteFest will be starting soon and January/February's challenge (http://community.livejournal.com/the_frybrary/1537) is taking place at the mo.

The Frybrarians

snaard and truly_bohemian
Please feel free to make enquiries! We don't have a team of elves to run around researching for us, but we really do like to try and help.

A Few Links

Stephen at ContemporaryWriters.com

Stephen's Official Website

Fry Control: A lovely fan-site

Or if you were actually in the mood for something a little more visual there is...

Stephen Fry Daily!